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Bocas Del Toro

San Blas, 300 unbewohnte Inseln warten auf dich San Blas, ein Paradies sondergleichen Strandparty

!!!! 2008-2009 Bocas Del Toro, Panama !!!!

Typischer Baustil, Bocas Town Schwimmende Blumenpracht The province in the northwest of Panama, along the Caribbean coast is called Bocas del Toro. Bocas del Toro is the famous wildlife spot to see dolphins, turtles, the legendary red frog or explore the endless reefs and coral gardens. The surrounding area of Changinola and Almirante is full with banana plants and small villages built in the old colonial style.

Green Parrot The inhabitants, of this nice little peace of earth, are mostly Jamaicans, Indigan and Guyamis Indios. Tortuga Everyone who loves nightlife is in Bocas del Toro town down on the right place. Many bars, restaurants and discos welcome you to rock the island. For this reason many young people from all over the world comes her to make party until morning.
For someone who loves more nature and wildlife, the surroundings of Bocas del Toro with this thousands of uninhabited islands is the right place to explore.

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Nimm dir Zeit, du lebst nur einmal!

Bocas del Toro