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End of 2009 until 2010 San Blas Islands, Panama turn.
The San Blas Island dont let us go. The second time, during our worldtour, we visit the 365 islands of San Blas, all with white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water are located only 1 miles in front of the spectacular jungle coast of Panama. Only 50 of them are inhabited with the friendly Kuna Indians. Kunaindiangirl50San Blas LobstertailsFish, Lobster, Chicken, Coconuts and all kind of vegetables is standing on there daily menu.
We will explore the nicest island with you. All San Blas Islands are covered from a
large reef, therefore we have always quiet water and perfect snorkel conditions around any of our anchor places.

Tucan.jpg - 16478 Bytes But also we explore some sweet water rivers with you. With our silence electric motor, we can glide through a fantastic flora and fauna, with parrots, monkeys and trees big like houses.  
Visit this perfect oases of paradise and we promise you the best holidays of your live.
Diving and snorkeling:
Turbopropp Every island has his own reef for perfect diving.
Your target-airport is Panama City. From here you can take an island hopper (20 min) to Porvenir.

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Bocas del Toro, Panama